Vajda Péter Ének-zenei Általános- és Sportiskola, Budapest, Hungary

Vajda Péter is a public primary school which pupils attend from the age of 6 until the age of 14. There are approximately 510 pupils and 63 teachers in the school. It has two sections called faculties where pupils have extra lessons in Music and PE. It is a sports school as well. The sports education, trainings, trips and equipment, are partly financed by the National Olympic Committee and the curriculum formulated by the school's teachers is controlled by the NOC.


In the teaching as a sports school there is co-operation with outside sport associations and clubs. In the teaching socially handicapped pupils are integrated, as well as those who are the members of ethnic minorities. The school has received the title of Violence- Free and Health Conscious School, Point for the Talented (Tehetségpont) and Pre-Qualified Reference Institution. It is also part of the International Eco-school Network.


Since 1963 a musical section has been working at the school and the choirs have had great success inside and outside the country during the past few years. They often make guest performances within Hungary and also abroad. Every pupil of the school learns to play the recorder and also become a member of the school choir. The choirs and folk singers regularly achieve gold qualification in national qualifying competitions.

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